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I will not make any grand claims about how I help people. However, inviting me into your struggle is probably an attempt to get emotional help. Typically people come to discuss complex and troubling situations, difficult to negotiate in relationships at home or work. Others have lived for years on medication which is beginning to feel an inadequate way to address underlying troubles.

There are many ideas about psychotherapy, and I have spent much of my life considering and studying ways in which my responses to distressed people may be of help. If you book a session I will do my best to help you think about your situation.

Full Professonal Memberships

UKCP United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy

CPJA Council for Psychoanlytic and Jungian Analysis

BAPPS British Association for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Supervisors

GASi Group Analytic Society International

Marcus Price Psychotherapist in Dartford
Group Psychotherapy in Dartford

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Professional Consultations

I currently see people for individual psychodynamic psychotherapy as well as group psychodynamic psychotherapy. In the assessment phase of our work together, we will decide which might be the most suitable way to help in your situation. I also have access to other services if necessary. Due to the complexity of human beings, there are no guarantees that my services will be of help. However, people often contact me when they feel emotionally stuck and I offer a confidential space for this. If after an assessment phase, maybe 1 to 5 meetings, we decide to go ahead with individual psychotherapy, this usually takes place once a week at the same agreed time. On occasions, this can be twice a week and you can choose to lay on the couch or sit face to face. All attenders of group psychotherapy will receive a period of individual psychotherapy prior to joining the group.


My MA and Master of Clinical Science degrees in psychotherapy were awarded by the University of Kent at Canterbury. I have also completed several courses in group psychotherapy, including a PGC in Group Analysis awarded by The Institute of Group Analysis and Birkbeck London. I also completed a diploma in Psychoanalytic supervision at The Society of Analytical Psychology.


Experiential Psychotherapy Initiative

The Experiential Psychotherapy Initiative offers training for health care professionals who wish to improve psychological approaches to their work. Psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, teachers, occupational therapists, GPs, psychotherapists, counsellors, project workers, HCA’s, music therapists, drama therapists, and art therapists have attended our events. We work as a cooperative to make sessions affordable and our seminars are once a month on Saturday mornings over eight months of the year. Graduates have access to supervision or other psychodynamic groups at reasonable rates.

Psychodynamic Skills International 2024

Zoom has assisted us in developing an international EPI community. With seminars this year from Romania, Senegal, Greece, Ukraine, Israel, Albania, China, India, and no fixed abode (refugees). We plan to resume our Annual Dartford Dream Conference for an in-person meeting (not online).

Full details pending.

Individual Psychotherapy in Dartford

Individual Psychotherapy

Attendance for individual psychotherapy is normally once weekly at the same time. Occasionally people come twice weekly and there is usually a choice to lay on the couch or sit face to face. Laying on the couch can be helpful for some and not others, it means less eye contact with the therapist, which for some can free up the exploration of life issues.

As part of my training, I received around nine years of twice-weekly psychoanalysis, on a couch with two separate analysts. A therapist's personal analysis is considered the most important part of psychotherapy training. It is intended to help a psychotherapist disentangle their own issues from those of the client but also provide the therapist with experiences of what it feels like to ask for help. I try to make my consulting room comfortable and it is conveniently situated near Dartford town centre. There is a parking space at the front of the building and a waiting area just inside the front door.

Group Psychotherapy in Dartford

Group Psychotherapy

I currently have a once-weekly psychotherapy group, and I welcome enquires for those interested in trying this type of therapy.The advantage of group -therapy is that you can get a wide range of responses to your situation, not just that of the therapist alone.

Attendants of group therapy are asked to respect each other's privacy and are not allowed to meet outside sessions. If this does occur by accident or design, this must be discussed within the group.

There is a £120 monthly fee for membership of the group, regardless of how many sessions are attended in any month. There are a maximum of twelve places in a group. All group members have seen Marcus for a period of individual psychotherapy to assess for suitability and also prepare them for the group.

About Me

With a long career in the health professions, I have held psychotherapy positions in a range of different organisations including the NHS, Turning Point, St. Mungos, The Salvation Army, and The Priory Hospital. My private psychotherapy practice commenced in 2004 and has been located in Dartford since 2008. In 2015 I founded The Experiential Psychotherapy Initiative Community (EPIC) which provides professional development seminars for psychotherapists and other health professionals both in South England but also internationally through Zoom. I currently have a supervisor position at Tunbridge Wells Counselling Centre.I have a broad range of personal interests. I have often used art and poetry making as part of the process in psychotherapy groups, especially in the NHS from where I have now retired. In 2022 I published an anthology of paintings and poems entitled, 'Asleep on the Volcano, The Poetic Landscape of Psychotherapy'. Recently I wrote an article for the professional Journal 'Group Analysis', 'Radar in the Darkness', (publishing pending) which is about my own internal processes and thinking about people under my therapuetic care and how this sometimes manifests itself in dreams and art, which in turn can inform the psychotherapy in a kind of self-supervision.

Marcus Price Psychotherapist in Dartford
Psychotherapy in Dartford

My location

My practice is based in a comfortable, private room in Dartford Kent and is easily accessible from the surrounding areas such as Gravesend, Sidcup, Bexley, Bexleyheath and Crayford.

Marcus Price Artwork

Fees & availability

Individual psychodynamic psychotherapy once weekly is £80

Each session lasts 50 minutes at an agreed regular time.

Occasionally concessions are made for trainees and there are a limited number of low-cost spaces.

Group Psychotherapy fees are £120 per month, regardless of how many sessions in a given month.

Group Psychotherapy sessions are 1.5 hours.

Occasional concessions are made to those in financial hardship.

Supervision fees are negotiable.

Get in touch

Please get in touch to arrange an initial consultation. At this

appointment, we can think about ways in which psychotherapy may be of help.

You can also call me on 07760614028 if you want to leave a message or speak to me first.

I try to respond promptly to all enquiries.

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